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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Weight Loss Associated With Obesity Surgery Leads To Healing

Professor of surgery obese pediatric, the surgery quantization laparoscopic gastric spread in the recent period as a treatment for obesity excessive, as it appears that the process is easy to perform and after hospitalization of the process will be weight loss is not primarily intended, because this process requires superior skills and high accuracy in determining the remaining part of the stomach until you reach the desired results.

This process represents a success rate of up to about 85%, but this depends success on the surgeon's experience and skill in the access to this ratio, and achieve the goal of the surgery is performed, where the lack of experience of the doctor leads to the achievement of results is less than the required percentage.

Research has shown that a lack of studies and weight associated with this process leads to the healing of diseases associated with obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure by up to 80%.

This process includes vertically to a large portion of the stomach with the eradication of "the Dome of the stomach," and this is the part responsible for the secretion of the hormone which increases the appetite of patients for the food, and this operation is carried endoscopic and the patient is identical to heal within 48 hours and support this process in weight loss the loss of the patient to his appetite for a long time accompanied by reducing the amount of food which is covered by the patient during the day.

The complications have decreased complication rate to the rate of no more than 2%, because of the high level of training and skills of the surgeons accompanied by using the latest technological techniques.

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