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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Salad Recipes For Weight Loss

With a slice of fresh bran muffin (60 kcal) is very satisfying. Similarly, it can be built and filled with a salad of berries. Its caloric content will be somewhat lower, somewhere 80 calories per serving. Though, probably, this salad is closer to desserts?

More salad recipes: 100 grams of cooked rice plus 100 g of finely chopped meat of crab sticks, plus a teaspoon of low-calorie mayonnaise (20% fat). Stir. Portion 200 g caloric no more 170 kcal. It is very rich dish.

Take 100 grams of cooked long grain rice; there cut half a banana (60 grams). Stir. Received calorie serving has about 110 calories. Too simple salad - Finely chop fresh cabbage (400 g) and carrots (100 g), mix, mash, add salt, add a teaspoon of sugar (5 g), and fill with vinegar or lemon juice. Output - 520 g, about 170 kcal calories. It can be decomposed into three portions. Then calorie servings get about 60 calories.

Another two salad recipes with meat - Meat salad makes a very hearty. But, you see, the presence of meat (of course, if it is not fat) is not particularly increases calorie portions.

Salad with cauliflower - Boiled cauliflower 300g, veal or chicken breast lean, cooked - 200 g, eggs, cooked in a steep, one medium onion (50 g) 150 g canned green peas, pickled cucumbers 100 g low-fat mayonnaise (20% fat) 40 g (2 tablespoons).


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