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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Is Weight Loss Affecting The Regularity Of The Menstrual Cycle?

Posted reader says: I am a girl reported the age of 22 years old, 150 cm longitudinal, a year ago it was 60 kilometers and adulteries, and went down to 45, and in that short period of time - almost two months - from my followers to strict system.

But now it has become adulteries 48 kilometers. The problem that I suffer of them are: the lack of quantity of the session, it comes at a time once every 34 days, but the quantity of very few in comparison with the past, and will continue for 6 days, so do not come down to something in the first two days and the last day only material structure intermittently and a little, and this problem began with me before 3 months from now.

No I suffer from excess hair or acne, what should I do? Causes of the problems? What is the solution?
Answer this question, Consultant of Obstetrics and Gynecology, saying the relationship between weight loss and irregular menstrual cycle weak relationship, session or discomfiture associated with greater problem of obesity is not slim and often what plagued him the girl happened as a result of their exposure to the case of anemia, after those great loss in weight so advise her of the need for analysis of whole blood to determine the amount of important minerals the body and compensate them, if any.

As for the changing nature of the menstrual cycle there is no need to worry because it describes the changes that the girl is not a concern.

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