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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Maximum 130 calories are very rich dish

In a saucepan put 200 g white beans, add diced tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, pour a glass of water and bring to a boil. Cook for 10-15 minutes. Switch off, sprinkle sliced greens. Finish Yield 500 g - 2 servings. Caloric portions maximum 130 calories are very rich dish.
Cold soup "Tarator" - 100 g of fresh cucumbers, 100 ml nonfat yogurt, herbs, ice cubes. Grate the cucumber, add the remaining ingredients, and mix well. Sprinkle with chopped herbs; add 1-2 ice cubes. Yield - 1 serving. Caloric content is not more than 50 calories. This soup is especially good in the summer heat.

Fish soup - 200 g walleye, cut into chunks, potatoes 200 g, 100 g of carrots, 40 g of rice, onion, bay leaf, salt, spices. How to cook fish soup, think they know everything. First, cook the fish, carrots and onion. Onion, how to cook, throw then comes the turn of rice and potatoes, at the end add the bay leaf, spices, add salt to taste. Total volume of soup - a half liter (6-7 servings) Calories portion - about 80 calories virtually no fat. The whole pot it 3-4 grams.
Now the second dishes - Veal braised in milk with carrots and mushrooms, lean veal 250 g onions 30 g, 30 g of fresh carrots, mushrooms 100 g, 1.5% fat milk, 200 ml (cup), wheat flour, 10 g (two teaspoons), salt, spices to taste.
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Salad Recipes For Weight Loss

With a slice of fresh bran muffin (60 kcal) is very satisfying. Similarly, it can be built and filled with a salad of berries. Its caloric content will be somewhat lower, somewhere 80 calories per serving. Though, probably, this salad is closer to desserts?

More salad recipes: 100 grams of cooked rice plus 100 g of finely chopped meat of crab sticks, plus a teaspoon of low-calorie mayonnaise (20% fat). Stir. Portion 200 g caloric no more 170 kcal. It is very rich dish.

Take 100 grams of cooked long grain rice; there cut half a banana (60 grams). Stir. Received calorie serving has about 110 calories. Too simple salad - Finely chop fresh cabbage (400 g) and carrots (100 g), mix, mash, add salt, add a teaspoon of sugar (5 g), and fill with vinegar or lemon juice. Output - 520 g, about 170 kcal calories. It can be decomposed into three portions. Then calorie servings get about 60 calories.

Another two salad recipes with meat - Meat salad makes a very hearty. But, you see, the presence of meat (of course, if it is not fat) is not particularly increases calorie portions.

Salad with cauliflower - Boiled cauliflower 300g, veal or chicken breast lean, cooked - 200 g, eggs, cooked in a steep, one medium onion (50 g) 150 g canned green peas, pickled cucumbers 100 g low-fat mayonnaise (20% fat) 40 g (2 tablespoons).


The Fat Content Is Known

The fat content is known, the minimum calorie! Having dealt with the principles of cooking, you will very easily be able to cook like. Similar recipes can be taken from cookbooks. The main thing that was a little fat or that you could reduce it without losing flavor.

Let's start with salads - Recipe first, easiest, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, radishes, Chinese leaves salad greens. Spice salt only. Caloric rate is no more than 15 calories per 100 g serving of Normal – 200.

Great salad dressing - a soft diet low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 2.5% in a ratio of 1/1. The resulting mixture of taste and texture is very similar to the regular sour cream. Caloric about 65 to 100 g (in sour cream 20% fat - 230 kcal, from sour cream 30% fat - 320 kcal). But in our fat cream not higher than a half percent and no less than 10 g protein per 100 g of product. This mixture can be used not only for filling vegetable salads. It can also be added to the soup and fill and fruit and berry salads.

By the way, "Fruit Salad" - Approximately 150 g of apple, pear and banana (about one medium fruit each), one kiwi, half an orange, all finely cut and fill 100 g of a mixture of cottage cheese. You can add one teaspoon of sugar. Output is 700 g total calories - a maximum of 400 kcal can be divided into 4 portions of 100 calories each.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Here are the some tips source by an OFFICIAL website of : Dr. Charles Livingston

    Make your self habitual of drinking water as much as you can, it keeps your kidney purify and makes you fit.

    Try to eat raw form fruits and vegetable

    Use green tea as the alternate of soft drinks and tea, as green tea burns your fat and helps to protect from many of the heart disease.

  • FIBER:
    Take fiber diet, for instance brown bread

    Omit salt from your food , because it cause high blood pressure and makes your body over weight.

    Do little workouts to make your body in shape

    Do proper breakfast and dinner & skip lunch ( take slightly food in lunch).

    Instead of drinking artificial juices, take fresh vegetables juice, it will covers your body vitamins (for instance: Carrot juice is beneficial for stomach and eyes)

    Take proper sleep at night minimum for 6-8 hours, improper sleep can disturb your health and your body physically

    Try to burn your calories more than the food you eat in a day. ( Let suppose you take 2000 food calories in a day , so try to burn 2500 calories a day.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Eating At Intervals Helps You In Losing Weight

Recent medical research has shown that eating at intervals helps in reducing the total intakes, and thus the loss of excess weight.

Researchers have conducted their research on more than 98 people were divided into two groups, the first group eating their food has traditionally been three full meals, while the second dealt with the members of their food at frequent intervals and quantities between low and moderate.

The follow-up showed that people who enrolled in the dining spaced at intervals were most able to control intakes losing excess pounds, compared with people who continue to eat at the traditional appointments. Lot of acts of eating foods that contain a large percentage of water, such as oranges, cucumbers, apples are kept moisturizing body and then protect the skin from drying out.

Take care of the work of massage for the skin on a regular basis, regularly helps to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the skin's elasticity. From long exposure to the sun or the use of detergents and creams that contain chemicals, these things weaken the skin's elasticity.

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Weight Loss Is The Perfect Solution To Get Rid Of Knee Problems

A recent scientific study conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia, that weight loss is the best solution to get rid of the problems of knee pain relief felt by patients and haunt them their lives.

The study indicated that people with large weights, or who increased their weight from what it was, they were the most vulnerable to the problems of the knee, as opposed to those who were underweight fixed or decreased if the rate is simple, with less exposure to knee problems and their symptoms improved dramatically.

The findings come in a recent study published the journal "Arthritis Care and Research", and on the website of the journal in the twenty-eighth of the month of June. The knee pain of more problems and pathologies that afflict the human body, and affects about 18% of the population in the United States, as confirmed Centers disease prevention and control.

The study was conducted on about 250 people, aged between 25 and 60 years, and was about 75% of who are women, and also that most of the participants in the study were not exposed to the problems of pre-or disease in the knee and did not conduct any surgeries out. The study added that the weight loss has become necessary for people overweight and obese to get rid of knee pain, a sign at the same time to keep the weight in the normal limit is considered optimal to keep the knee without problems.

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How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?

I want to lose my weight quickly, where I have a lot of boredom to comply with any diet system, I hope to show me the best way to lose weight fast?

Answer consultant physical therapy and the treatment of obesity, saying there is no way to lose weight quickly, so you do not have to frustrated, that all obese people want to get rid of all the weight that they have gained in the years in a few days and this is impossible, and in order to achieve this they listen to each tips and follow all up to them of ways, some may be sound, it may be some improper, and finally lose some weight, then gain more weight, and repeat this command (which is called the phenomenon of yo-yo) is generated in the body stiff resistance to the descent weight , which seeks behind the rapid weight loss is behind a mirage in the desert, still panting behind him so tired and not up to something.

The best way to lose weight requires a commitment to a food program ever fewer calories than your body needs (about 1,500 calories per day). And the descent weight of security that I advise is to lose between half to one kilogram per week, while trying to lose weight more quickly, it makes the body reduces calories burned freedom as a precautionary measure, which generates strong resistance to the descent of the weight of the hand, on the other hand, it can be leads to weight loss of muscle tissue.

In addition, the software must be food, which followed a diverse foods, and is achieved by choosing healthy foods and eat your vegetables of all kinds and colors, whether fresh or cooked and a lot of green power and a lot of green leafy vegetables, eat fruit or two of fruit a day, and should the program includes Drinking a glass of skim milk a day or a few dairy products or skimmed, as I advise drinking ample amounts of water at least 2 liters a day.

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