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Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Fat Content Is Known

The fat content is known, the minimum calorie! Having dealt with the principles of cooking, you will very easily be able to cook like. Similar recipes can be taken from cookbooks. The main thing that was a little fat or that you could reduce it without losing flavor.

Let's start with salads - Recipe first, easiest, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, radishes, Chinese leaves salad greens. Spice salt only. Caloric rate is no more than 15 calories per 100 g serving of Normal – 200.

Great salad dressing - a soft diet low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 2.5% in a ratio of 1/1. The resulting mixture of taste and texture is very similar to the regular sour cream. Caloric about 65 to 100 g (in sour cream 20% fat - 230 kcal, from sour cream 30% fat - 320 kcal). But in our fat cream not higher than a half percent and no less than 10 g protein per 100 g of product. This mixture can be used not only for filling vegetable salads. It can also be added to the soup and fill and fruit and berry salads.

By the way, "Fruit Salad" - Approximately 150 g of apple, pear and banana (about one medium fruit each), one kiwi, half an orange, all finely cut and fill 100 g of a mixture of cottage cheese. You can add one teaspoon of sugar. Output is 700 g total calories - a maximum of 400 kcal can be divided into 4 portions of 100 calories each.

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